About us

We are Melissa and Carmen Teresa, the founders of Alma Amazona and we love natural and high quality jewelry. Alma Amazona means "the soul of the Amazon" and the name says it all: we are committed to environmental and nature protection and stand up for fair working conditions. Our jewelry is handmade with love in our small jewelry workshop in Colombia.

Melissa und Carmen Teresa, die Gründerinnen von Alma Amazona


Each piece of our jewelry is unique and handcrafted with love. The quality and longevity of our jewelry is our top priority in the selection of materials, craftsmanship and jewelry design. The ingredients for our jewelry are:

  • Recycled 925 silver
  • 24 carat gold plating
  • Natural crystals from South America


Sustainability is the foundation for Alma Amazona and accompanies us from the silver block to the shipping material:

  • We stand up for fair working conditions and a transparent supply chain.
  • Our products and packaging are plastic-free and vegan.
  • We use recycled 925 silver.
  • Our jewelry boxes are made of leftovers from the sugar cane industry.
  • We use eco-friendly packaging and printed items.
  • With each piece of jewelry, you earn Karma points to support our nature conservation projects in Colombia.

Learn more about sustainability at Alma Amazona.

Who are we?

We are Carmen Teresa (in Colombia) and Melissa (in Germany) and with Alma Amazona we are realizing our dream of a sustainable business that treats partners fairly, protects the environment and enchants customers. We put great emphasis on the quality and durability of our jewelry and use natural crystals because we find them unique and beautiful. We created the design of our jewelry ourselves and make decisions collaboratively and at eye level. We pair business with sustainability, strengthen global transfer of know-how and build bridges between two cultures.

Carmen Teresa worked as a supply chain manager in Colombia for many years and discovered her passion for making jewelry 5 years ago. She lives in Bogotá, and is responsible for the supply chain and our partners in Colombia and handcrafting the Alma Amazona jewelry in her jewelry workshop in Bogotá. Instagram: @carmentdelaossa_

Melissa has been working with sustainability for 6 years and has experience working with startups, digital technology and business transformation. She lives in Berlin and is responsible for the online store, communication and partnerships in Germany. Instagram: @sustainable.melissa

It all started when Melissa took an adventure trip to Colombia in 2016 and met her husband there - and his aunt Carmen Teresa. For their wedding, Carmen Teresa gave them beautiful handmade wedding rings ❤ Soon after we realized that we make a wonderful team and share a passion for sustainable jewelry.

What are fair prices?

We try to balance fair payment for our partners and for us as well as fair prices for our customers. But what are fair prices and who is the judge of that? We treat our partners with respect and have never negotiated a price down. To create more transparency, we believe in openly talking about true cost. This is how our prices for an average piece of jewelry (86 €) are made up:

  • 26 € = Personnel
  • 24 € = Taxes & Customs
  • 18 € = Tools & Fees
  • 11 € = Material & local partners
  • 5 € = Logistics & Packaging
  • 2 € = Donations