We closed on 19 Dec 2021. Thank you for your support!

About us

We make revolutionary gold jewelry

Our vision is transforming the jewelry industry and make sustainable jewelry the new normal. We started Alma Amazona to create enchanting jewelry and make the world a better place.

  1. We are sustainability pioneers in the jewelry industry
  2. We empower female Colombian Artisans
  3. We embrace the natural shapes and colors of crystals

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Meet the team

Alma Amazona was founded by Melissa from Hamburg and Carmen from Bogotá as a cross-border family business in 2020. Their love for crystals in a natural shape and color united them and helped them design truly unique and stunning jewelry. They worked hard to set up a sustainable supply chain and production in Colombia with local family businesses that share their values.


Passion: Sustainability is her middle name and she has many years of professional experience in this field. Melissa is a change-maker, loves design and lives in Hamburg (Germany). She manages the business strategy and ensures that Alma Amazona thrives.

Superpower: Awesome at seeing the bigger picture and seizing opportunities

Instagram: @meditatewithmelissa

Linkedin: linkedin.com/melissa-kuehn



Passion: Carmen loves raw crystals, is an experienced leader in logistics and a part-time jeweler. Based in Bogotá (Colombia) she manages our supply chain, builds local partnerships and manages the jewelry production. 

Superpower: Amazing at finding the right partners and never grows tired of making the jewelry even more perfect

Instagram: @carmentdelaossa_


What's the story?

It all started when Melissa took a trip to Colombia in 2016 and met her future husband - and his aunt Carmen Teresa. As their wedding gift, Carmen Teresa handcrafted beautiful wedding rings for them. In 2020 they decided to launch their first jewelry collection together and now they want to take Alma Amazona to the next level!