Once you take a closer look at the mining industry you quickly realize, that we have a lot to catch up on regarding transparency, social standards and environmental protection. We decided to tackle this issue by creating transparency over the source of our minerals and carefully selecting the partners we work with. Change the mining industry with us one jewelry at the time <3  

Colombian Gold

Our gold plating uses high quality 24K gold from certified legitimate mines in Colombia. We are currently working on 9K solid gold jewelry that uses certified Fairmined gold from Colombia. Solid 9K gold jewelry is extremely durable and will last a lifetime - stay tuned!

Gold has played an important role throughout Colombia's history due to it's plentiful natural resources. Ancient Latin American cultures like the Incas are known for their fascination with gold, not to mention the mystery of El Dorado which is unsolved to this day. The variety of professional gold smiths and jewelers in Colombia today represent the cultural importance of this heritage.  

Colombian Silver

Currently we use recycled 925 silver from Colombia in our jewelry to develop and test our designs, build a more sustainable business than industry standards and present affordable jewelry to our customers. Silver is a very durable material and (just like gold) requires special training and lots of heat to work with.

We are exploring certified Fairmined silver from Colombia for future collections because we want to be 100% sure that social and environmental standards are met in the mining process.

South American Crystals

Our unrefined crystals make the Alma Amazona jewelry truly unique: The perfect combination of nature and elegance. All crystals are sourced in South America:

  • Amethyst (purple), Uruguay
  • Citrine (yellow), Uruguay
  • Aquamarine (blue), Brazil
  • Rose Quartz (pink), Brazil
  • Rock Crystal (transparent), Colombia

Crystal Chemistry: The footprint of evolution

Crystals (or gemstones) have evolved along with our earth and are more or less a chemical footprint of evolution. Their beautiful appearance today was created by the distinct amount of pressure and their mineral content. The heart of a crystal is the atom and its particles, which rotate around the center. Although a crystal looks calm on the outside, it is actually a bubbling mass of molecules that vibrates at a certain frequency. The crystalline structure can absorb, conserve, focus and radiate energy, especially in the electromagnetic waveband. Crystals are piezoelectric, which means they can generate electricity and light under pressure, which is used in modern medicine, for example, in ultrasound equipment.

Crystal Properties: Which crystal is right for you?

Crystals have been used for thousands of years to create balance through resonance and vibration - this attribute is also said to have healing properties. If you want to take advantage of these properties, you can find the attributes that are associated with each crystal here. If your favorite crystal is not included here, just contact us and we will see what we can do :)


Amethyst is said to be a very powerful and protective crystal. It is said to calm, protect against mental attacks, and counteract stress and negative environmental energies. Amethyst is said to balance highs and lows and promote emotional centering. It is also said to open intuition and promote spiritual awareness.


Citrine is said to carry the power of the sun and strengthen regeneration. It is said to be warming, energizing and creative and to promote joy in life. It is said to increase self-esteem and self-confidence, improve motivation and help develop a positive attitude. Citrine is said to promote concentration and inner peace and dissolve negative energy. The citrine itself does not need to be energetically cleansed.


Aquamarine is said to be the crystal of courage and it soothes fears. It's said to have calming energies that reduce stress and quiet the mind. It is said to support when you feel overwhelmed and encourage to take responsibility for yourself as well as breaking self-defeating programs. Aquamarine is said to sharpen the intellect, clear up confusion and bring unfinished business to a conclusion.

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is said to be the most important crystal for the heart. It is said to purify it and open it on all levels. It is also said to bring deep inner self-love and peace. In relationships it is said to strengthen trust and harmony and promote unconditional love. Rose quartz is said to strengthen empathy, sensitivity and positive affirmations. It is also said to strengthen self-confidence and self-esteem and encourage self-forgiveness and acceptance.

Rock Crystal

Rock crystal is said to be the most powerful energy amplifier on earth. It is said to absorb, store, regulate and release energy. Rock crystal is said to act as a deep soul cleanser, connecting the physical dimension with the spirit and harmonizing all chakras. Also, rock crystal is said to increase mental abilities and filter out distractions in meditation. On a mental level, it is said to enhance concentration and stimulate memory.




Crystal Energy: How to cleanse your crystals

If you want to take advantage of the energetic effects of your crystals, we recommend that you regularly energetically cleanse your rock crystal, rose quartz and amethyst jewelry. Citrine is one of the few self-cleaning crystals. Depending on your preference, you can do this in the following ways, for example:

  • Water: hold your crystals under running water for a few minutes and then gently dry them with a clean, dry cloth. Voilá!
  • Moonlight: Put your crystals in the moonlight for a few hours, it is said to work especially well with the full moon. Here you need good timing and the right place for your crystals.
  • Meditation: In your meditation, visualize the energetic cleansing of the crystals while holding them in your hands.


Source: J. Hall, The Crystal Bible