Thank you for choosing Alma Amazona! With our jewelry you make a positive contribution to the environment and support fair working conditions in Colombia. You definitely earned good karma for that! And to do even more good, we would like to support nature conservation projects in Colombia with you. Are you in?

Our nature conservation projects

Protect the Amazon rainforest

  • We protect rainforest in the Colombian Amazon with "Fundación Natura Colombia".
  • We have protected 20.000 m² so far.
  • 5 karma points = protect 100 m² of rainforest

Planting trees in Cundinamarca

  • We are planting our own Alma Amazona forest in Cundinamarca with "Fundación Al Verde Vivo" (photo © Al Verde Vivo). This is near Bogotá, where we make our jewelry.
  • We have planted 10 trees so far.
  • 15 karma points = plant 1 tree

Family gardens in the Amazon

  • We support families in remote villages of the Colombian Amazon by giving them seeds and tools for their gardens with Carolina Villegas (photo © Caro Villegas).
  • We have sponsored 1 family garden so far.
  • 75 karma points = 1 family garden

How can I collect karma points?

For each piece of jewelry you will receive 5 karma points. You want more? Here you can add karma points.

We need your help!

We would be forever grateful if you recommend us, help us grow and support us to give back even more. You will get 10 karma points if someone adds your karma code in the comment of the order. If you don't have a karma code yet, send us a message with the keyword "karma code" to karma@alma-amazona.com :)

How can I use my karma points?


Choose your favorite project and email us your selection at karma@alma-amazona.com. We will then confirm your choice and keep you updated on your favorite project <3