Sustainability is the foundation for Alma Amazona. We to create a positive impact with our jewelry for our partners and for nature so that our customers can wear Alma Amazona jewelry with pride.

Regenwald in Zentralamerika

Environmental and climate protection

1. Karma points for nature conservation projects

With every piece of Alma Amazona jewelry you collect karma points which you can use to support one of our nature conservation projects. You decide where our donations go! Learn more about karma points and our projects.

2. Plastic-free and vegan

We want to stop plastic pollution and therefore our products and packaging are plastic-free. Our materials are plant based or minerals. Even the Alma Amazona stickers are vegan ;)

3. Eco-friendly packaging

We use recycled and eco-friendly materials for our packaging and printed items. Our shipping bags are made of grass cardboard and our postcards are recycled and carbon neutral. In addition, our packaging is so slim that it has fewer transport emissions and is delivered directly into your mailbox without any detours.

Conserving resources

4. Recycled silver

We use 100 percent recycled 925 silver for our jewelry. An exception are the chains, which are machine made in Italy. Currently, they contain only partially recycled silver. By the way: You can also give your worn out gold and silver jewelry for recycling ;)

5. Jewelry boxes made of sugar cane

Our jewelry boxes are made of leftovers from the sugar cane industry by "Magenta Publicidad" in Pereira, Colombia. They are completely biodegradable except for the printed ink. 

Social Responsibility

6. Fair working conditions

We make our jewelry in our small jewelry workshop in Bogotá, Colombia. When we are very busy, Jenny from "Jenny Amortegui Joyas" in Bogotá helps us with the jewelry production. Safe working conditions and fair payment are basic requirements for us. If Alma Amazona grows, we can create new jobs and offer a fair income to even more women in Colombia!

7. Partnerships at eye level

We work with selected women founders and family businesses in Colombia that share the same values as we do. Our goal is to build long-term and trusting partnerships at eye level. That way, we support our partners in generating a secure income and feeding their families.

8. Transparent supply chain

A transparent supply chain for our minerals and precious metals is very important to us. To show you where your jewels come from, here is an overview of our partners:

We get our crystals from our partner "Uruguay Amethyst Colombia S.A.S" in Bogotá. He imports them directly from mines in Colombia, Brazil and Uruguay. This is where the crystals come from:

  • Rock Crystal, Colombia
  • Rose Quartz, Brazil
  • Amethyst, Uruguay
  • Citrine, Uruguay

Our precious metals come from the following partners: We get the recycled 925 silver for our jewelry from our partner "Almacén Héctor Naranjo" in Bogotá, our necklaces are machine made in Italy and the 24 carat gold plating is made by our partners "El Galeón" and "Morion Joyería" in Bogotá.


9. High quality jewelry

We focus on high quality and durable materials and detailed craftsmanship. We use recycled 925 silver, 24 karat gold plating and natural crystals. With good care, you can enjoy your jewelry for many years.

10. Repair

If your jewelry breaks or the gold plating gets damaged, we will be happy to repair it for you. Just write us a message with a photo to and we will send you a repair offer with costs and time.


And what's next?

(11.) Fairmined Certificate

We have chosen our partners with great care and trust that they share our values. But that's not enough for us: We want to prove that we are serious and plan to get a Fairmined certification. Our solid gold rings are already made of certified Fairmined gold from Colombia!

(12.) Carbon footprint

Our goal is to make Alma Amazona climate positive by 2025 at the latest. Our first step will be to measure and reduce our current CO2 emissions. This includes our business processes as well as the CO2 footprint of the minerals. The CO2 emissions that we cannot reduce further we would like to compensate in the future.

(13.) Recycled chains

Our chains are very delicate and machine made in Italy. Unfortunately, we do not know exactly how high the recycled content is and where the remaining silver comes from. We are not yet satisfied with this and are looking for a better solution! Maybe you have a suggestion for us? :)