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Regenwald in Zentralamerika

Thank you for choosing Alma Amazona! Our jewelry is eco-friendly and empowers women and small businesses in Colombia. You can wear our jewelry with pride, knowing that it helped to make the world a little bit better. Are you ready to join our revolution?

Environmental and climate protection

1. Protect the Amazon rainforest

We protect 100 m² of the Amazon rainforest in Colombia with every jewelry sold. We work with the local organization "Fundación Natura Colombia" to empower environmental action from within Colombia and have protected 20.000 m² so far.

Additionally, we use 5% of our profit to support single mothers in remote villages of the Amazon rainforest in Colombia by providing seeds and tools for their family gardens. Our local partner is the photographer and environmental activist Carolina Villegas.

2. Climate neutral shipping

We reduce transport emissions by bundling shipments from Colombia to Germany and our super slim packaging avoids multiple delivery attempts because it fits in your mailbox. Additionally, we use climate neutral shipment via DHL.

3. Plastic-free, vegan and eco-friendly

Our jewelry, packaging and print materials are plastic-free, vegan and eco-friendly. We use mostly recycled materials and our products and packaging are recyclable and/or biodegradable. For example our jewelry boxes are manufactured with sugar cane residue by "Magenta Publicidad" in Pereira, Colombia and our packaging is made of grass cardboard by Biobiene in Germany.

Conserving resources

4. Recycled silver and gold

We use 100 % recycled 925 silver and 24K gold from legitimate mines in Colombia for gold plating. The only exception are the 925 silver chains, which are machine made in Italy and have an unknown content of recycled material.

5. High quality jewelry

We design our jewelry to last a lifetime and focus on high quality, durable materials and professional crafts(wo)manship. We use recycled 925 silver with a 24K gold plating, 18K solid gold for engagement and wedding rings and raw crystals. Quality is our top priority and we provide a 2 year guarantee for all of our jewelry (6 months for the gold plating).

6. Repair & recycling

Jewelry can be repaired and recycled endlessly. If your jewelry or gold plating needs repair, please send us a photo to melissa@alma-amazona.com. If your repair isn't covered in the guarantee, we will send you an individual repair offer.

Do you want to join our recycling revolution? We would love to create new and beautiful jewelry with your old silver & gold jewelry! If you would like to donate your old jewelry, send us a message to melissa@alma-amazona.com and receive a free shipping label as well as a 20€ gift card for your next purchase!

Social Responsibility

7. Fair working conditions

We make our jewelry in a small jewelry workshop in Bogotá, Colombia with Jenny from "Jenny Amortegui Joyas". We know our partners well, check for safe working conditions and provide fair payment. If Alma Amazona grows, we can create new jobs and offer a fair income to even more family businesses in Colombia!

8. Partnerships at eye level

We work with selected female entrepreneurs and family businesses in Colombia that share our values. We aim to build long-term and trusting partnerships at eye level to support our partners in generating a secure income for their families.

9. Transparent supply chain

We have worked very hard to find partners who know the source of their minerals. Very few jewelry brands explain their supply chain in detail and most of them don't know where their minerals come from.

We source our crystals with our partner "Uruguay Amethyst Colombia S.A.S" in Bogotá. He imports them directly from mines in Colombia, Brazil and Uruguay. Our recycled gold and silver are from Bogotá, Colombia, the chains are machine made in Italy and the 24K gold plating is done by our partner "El Galeón" in Bogotá. 

And what's next?

(10.) Certificates

We have chosen our partners with great care and trust that they share our values. But that's not enough for us: We want to provide proof of our commitment and are working on certificates with our partners for recycled silver & gold.

(11.) Climate positive by 2025

We want to make Alma Amazona climate positive by 2025. Our first step is to measure and reduce our current carbon emissions. This includes our own carbon emissions as well as the carbon footprint of the minerals. The carbon emissions that we cannot reduce further will be compensated in the future.

(12.) Recycled chains

Our delicate chains are machine made in Italy and we don't know the recycling content or where the silver/gold comes from. We are not yet satisfied with this and are looking for a more sustainable solution. Currently we are doing tests with handmade chains.